Aug. 19th, 2011

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The wind picked up and the sky turned dark. The clouds were thick like in a thunder storm. They swirled then made a void like the eye of a hurricane. A fierce wind came through the hole in the sky bringing the toxin from space. Earth became barren and people only lived in large cities. The wastes were outside the cities. People who got the disease from space were forced into the waste so they wouldn't infect anyone. The toxin from space isn't a disease, it's more of a radioactive substance that causes blister burns on the skin of the victim. The burns eventually caused the skin to blister off completely. As soon as a person was found to have the burn blisters they were immediately thrown out of the city to die on their own. Because everyone thought it was a disease - even though scientists said it wasn't - no one touched or went anywhere an infected person was for a certain number of "cleansing" days. Then the area was thoroughly cleaned.

There was a riot by a bunch of newly infected in the city I was in and they rushed the city gate and let back in a bunch of the infected from the waste. Most infected hang around the perimeter of the city for lack of anything else to do or anywhere to go. The waste infected ran all over the city causing the uninfected to panic and shut themselves indoors. The city became "unclean." Eventually all the infected died, their bodies littered the city. They were carted away and dumped in the waste. Eventually, all in the city died except a white haired, pale mama's boy (about 14), a scientist (40s), and me (my age). The one who incited the riot was the mama's boy because his mom was recently put out into the waste and he didn't want her to die out there alone, he at least wanted her to die in her home. He was newly infected. His burns actually healed which the scientist said was a sign that humanity was starting to adapt to the toxin from space. The scientist started to get the burns and shut himself in his lab. Before he became too infected he thoroughly cleaned it and kept himself to a stool and a worktable so he wouldn't be a bother after he died. Before he died he calculated the projected survivor rate (people who heal or people who were genetically resistant) around the world to be 267 people which he thought would be too small a number to repopulate the world.

After the scientist died, mama's boy and I left the city - since there was nothing left - to find more survivors. Then a kind of epilogue happened where our group had grown by 9 or 10 other people no older than about 30 who were survivors. For some reason we had the need for weapons and mechs. Don't know why the weapons or mechs, though.


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