Sep. 6th, 2011

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I woke up too early, tooled around, messed on my phone then went back to sleep. I was cold so I wasn't sleeping very deeply yet. I think that's why I was able to notice that I was dreaming and change it.
* I would fall asleep and dream something
- one of them was being in a vast area of water with jungle trees behind us and a Zanarkand type city in the distance to the front and left side with the the main Mythbusters while they did some myth or other -
* and then notice that it was a dream
- in the Mythbusters dream, I looked into the distance and saw that the buildings of the far-off city were hopping up and down and otherwise dancing -
* and I would change it to what I wanted to dream about by digging my fingers into the scenery in front of me (as if I were tearing through a painted backdrop) and pulling a hole in the dream. It was super neat.

This happened 3 or 4 times this morning. After I stepped through the hole and into the new dream that I was creating, it took a few minutes in dream time (I don't know how long in real time obviously) for the scenery to solidify. I had to concentrate on everything like I was creating a new world. If I didn't imagine a real person strongly enough they turned up as a cartoon and later, once the dream got moving, they changed into a real person.

The holes in the dreams were very much like I'd pulled open an empty room or storage closet. Open empty cardboard boxes were on the other side of one hole that I remember. Plain old blackness behind the other that I remember.

If I fell asleep too soundly I forgot that I was dreaming and wasn't in control anymore. I think that's why I had to tear so many holes and start over.

It was really fun to create my own dream world. Try it. When you notice something that you know shouldn't happen (in the Mythbusters dream, I first noticed that I was with the Mythbusters) then I looked around for confirmation that it was a dream (and noticed the dancing buildings). I don't know if it's easier to do if you go to sleep telling yourself that you want to notice something. I do know that when I made the hole and stepped through it I had to kind of will myself to stay asleep, probably because I knew it was a dream. In another one of the dreams, I noticed I was doing stuff on my old phone and as much as I was on & messing with my new phone during our trip I knew I had no reason to be on the old phone.


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