Sep. 27th, 2011

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 True Brujah Henry Colchester, legitimate believer in and member of a prominent Gehenna cult. Eighth generation vampire with a Visionary nature and demeanor of a pedagogue. 

Henry was a trader in the East India Company. He was embraced while attempting to set up additional trade-posts between Britain and India. He attracted the attention of his sire, Balthazar, while he was in Tyre, Lebanon. Balthazar was impressed with how far Henry would go to ensure a profitable or beneficial deal. When Henry met opposition, he would go to great lengths to find something damaging about the trader for blackmail or would find enemies of the trader to make threats. Balthazar followed Henry to India where he was embraced in 1858. It was assumed Henry perished as a human in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. A chance meeting with John Danvers' Serpant of the Light brother, William Danvers, led to an interest and "profession" of sorts as a Noddist researcher. Henry was devoted to learning more about Gehenna and the Book of Nod until Ra'if Saaed convinced him that it would be more beneficial to use the knowledge contained in the Book of Nod to cause Gehenna to weed out the humans, vampires, and other denizens of the world of darkness who were unfit.

Merits & Flaws

Time Sense
Eidetic Memory
Natural Linguist
Bad Sight (legitimately needs the glasses he wears)
Nightmares: Henry dreams that he's buried underground and can't escape
Prey Exclusion: Henry's human research assistants
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 Ra'if Saaed is a 6th generation Warrior Assamite with a Fanatic nauture and Judge demeanor. He fronted as Henry's bodyguard while masterminding a swift route to Gehenna.

Ra'if was embraced in 1528 in preparation for the siege on Vienna with the Tzimisce. He got lucky and stumbled across a sleeping elder of clan Toreador. Unfortunately for Ra'if, the Toreador never completely left his mind after the diablerie. The Toreador, Marichi, was in a Gehenna cult with a focus on Lilith and now uses Ra'if to continue her studies. Marichi has been in Ra'if's mind so long that he doesn't know where he ends and Marichi begins. Marichi is in charge more than Ra'if. Marichi makes an effort to subtly guide others into finding information about Gehenna so as to not appear too interested. She uses Ra'if's contacts in the Black Hand to the fullest extent.

Marichi had 2 retainer ghouls that are unknown to Ra'if.
1: 100 year old servant
2: 10 year old techie/ pop culture ghoul. When the "current events" ghoul becomes outdated, she makes a new one and kills the old one.

Merits & Flaws

Catlike balance
Light Sleeper
Dark Secret: The diablerie gone wrong and Marichi in his head.


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