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 Yup. Weird. So among my other dreams - there were a lot since I slept for 14 hours - was a weird Alice in Wonderland cast in birds. So some people I mostly don't remember and I were running around trying to find our way out of or to somewhere else. I'm pretty sure this was Left for Dead inspired since I've been playing it a lot recently.

The one person besides me that I remember was in my group was a Native American guy who could see the future... something like that. So we're hiding in a house that seemed like the whole wall was made of glass except the wood door. The Native American guy says to me that sometime in the future I'll meet a man with a dog on the road. Do not make friends with the dog. So I'm like ... okay, no problem. Then through the dog door in the wooden door some dogs start to enter the room. One's an ugly white, balding medium sized dog. The NA guy stands next to me and says "you should get those dogs out of here." I'm all "Is one of these the dog?" He just nods so I hustle all the dogs out. 

Then in the clearing outside the door (but it's a glass wall so I can see everything outside anyway) come a procession of bird/human creatures who are the embodiment of Alice in Wonderland characters. I ask what's going on and why they're walking around in a big circle all tottering around. Someone on the team says that the Red Queen is leading a procession to find who ____? (I assume who ate her tarts or something, but I can't remember). So I start to panic a bit because I was the one who did whatever she's not happy about. I look out and see the Mad Hatter bird - looking like a 7 foot tall bright green, red, and yellow parrot bird man - pulling a slightly shorter birdman by a noose around his neck. The Hatter was dragging other birdman until he was dead then just drug him around. 

The NA guy said that he had to go report to the Red Queen. The rest of us stayed in the room. After a short talk, the NA guy said loudly "so you know who ___?" I took that as cue and ran away. There wasn't anywhere to hide in the house; all the other doors were locked. So I went into the only other room available: a completely white room with chairs stacked up in a corner. I climbed on top of the chairs and sat on the top one, hoping no one would look up. Then there was a knock at the door. I said "who is it?" And through the wall (without opening the door or anything) walks in a traditional French style clown with straight shoulder length blonde hair wearing black and white striped clothes. I was shocked and asked who she was. She said in a high creepy voice "I'm the Inside Outside Girl!" 

THANKFULLY! This was the point where I woke up because Jake came to bed. I have no idea what the Inside Outside Girl would or could do, but she was creepy as hell and I was getting kinda scared.
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