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So you know how you dream more than once in a night and usually they're different dreams? Oh, well you do. Now you know.

SO! The first dream I had tied in with me trying to figure out how to port forward my router. I looked up directions on port forwarding yesterday (so I can remote into my computer from my phone) and was going to start messing around with it - randomly plug numbers into the port forwarding list - but I didn't know the username and the password was so far away in the game room on Jake's computer. So instead I just left it for another day. In the dream, Nick came over (not NY Nick, Nick of Nick & Dan) and explained the 1 or 2 things I had questions on and I figured out how to do it myself. Damn neat!

The second dream was about the compensation email I sent my supervisor last week. I have a one-on-one with her this coming week and she sent the meeting notification with the meeting place as my cube unless I wanted a meeting room and if so, she'd arrange for one. So I emailed her and said that I planned on bringing up compensation to ensure my additional responsibilities matched my compensation. I ran into her as she was walking out of the bathroom and said that she's pretty sure that she's not allowed to talk about what's going on with that until it's more finalized, but "[my] extra work is not going unnoticed." So yay. Now for the dream followup. I'm at work and for some reason we're in the Dome (under the building, basically between Dodge & the building) and the department is announcing promotions and pay increases and stuff. Which they actually don't do. So it's announced that with my technology background, I'll be working with Nintendo on a food & fitness activity program in the Dome (which is where the cafeteria is). I work in the finance division...the Wii is apparently financey.

Afterwards, our regular group of people plus some extras (I think it was everyone who was here on New Years) went out  to eat. The place we wanted to go had a huge wait or wasn't open or something. So we went to the place next door which had big tables with huge booths, and the walls were pretty much plastered with mirrors. The tables were super shiny so everything reflected. It was a surf and turf kind of place. I had steak and crab. 


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