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For some reason Jake and I had to sit in on a bunch of Japanese legal proceedings involving the use of already exiting songs being used or changed into other songs. Think Weird Al without the parody. We're supposed to help decide the verdict as 'outsiders' or something. So we're sitting in on these proceedings and they're pretty lame. The new use for the song is different enough that they don't merit law suits.

In the third case involving the use of the Tetris theme song, one of the court officials leaves me this long letter in Japanese and the only thing I get out of it is that they need my mailing address to send me something. So I'm sitting, trying to remember the kanji for watashi. I remember the first half (the part on the left) but not the katakana "mu" looking bit on the right. I get up to get my phone to translate it ('cause my phone really does have a Japanese/English;English/Japanese translation app) and Reina of Morning Musume - who apparently has been watching me try to remember the whole time - comes up and says "I'll tell you what it is for 300 yen." I think "3 bucks? No way" and I get up and say "Denwa ga ii yo." Then I actually kind of remember what it is so I go back, phoneless, to the paper and write something that's like katakana "ra" and Reina says that's close but not it. Then I write the "mu" looking bit and she nods and walks away.

I can't remember if it was before or after the watashi kanji conundrum, but the plaintiff in the Tetris case asked me to talk to him and told me that he was really counting on my vote since it meant a lot to his family. He asked me if I heard him sing during the trial. I answered that I'd heard *someone* sing but I thought it was a recording since we were seated behind the L bend in the room I couldn't see any of the proceedings, just hear them. He answered with something along the lines that I should hear it before I leave.


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