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 For some reason Jessica, Rip, and I were sneaking around a gangster family's house while they were out or were busy. We're looking for some kind of incriminating evidence of thug-like activity. They come home and we're running from room to room trying to find a room that has a window or door that leads outside that doesn't have an alarm on it or isn't locked. After much crouching behind tall plants and staying one step ahead of their progression through the house, we finally make it to a bedroom where if we take off fast we can make it through the wall.

So Rip gets out what seem to be 20 hexagonal shaped fireworks, the kind that emit showers of gold sparks, configures them in tiered rows, and buries them angled then covers it up with white cloth. Because the "carpet" in the bedroom is dirt and grass. What's supposed to happen is when you light one firework, they're rigged so they all go off and will propel you through the wall (or something). It doesn't work, though. Rip's not happy because he'd either done this before or seen it done. 

By this time the thugs know there're intruders and they suspect someone is trying to sabotage the wedding of the thug daughter (in whose room we hide). So Rip, who apparently works for them, leaves to look for us. I light the fireworks manually to make sure they're not duds. They're not so I turn them face down again in hopes of being propelled through the wall. No dice. 

At this point Jessica & I notice there's an apartment style window (side sliding, not top/bottom sliding) with no screen. Escape! Rip is "searching" outside the window. I open it and ask if it's ok to go out & run away. He says there's too much activity out there and he'll signal when it's okay. By this time the thugs have done a room by room search and it's this room's turn. We hide between the bed & the wall and squeeze under the bed as much as possible. The bed mostly touches the ground so the thugs just come in the room, look around, and bend over the bed to notice how close to the wall it is. They put an "all clean" sticker on the bed to designate that it's been searched. 

Rip says it's time to go so we climb through the window and run away through holes in people's fences and bushes and all sorts of sneaking. Yay! Escape!

So then the dream shifts to a few months later. I'm on the police force or a detective apprentice something. For some reason Morning Musume is around, too. Riho comes into our outdoor office with a 5+ year old cell phone. She tells us a story about how she & a friend of hers went into a thug's house (the same thug we had issues with) and sabotaged something. Unfortunately, the thug saw her and her friend. It was years ago so she thought the thug wouldn't be able to recognize her. A person changes a lot between 10 and 14, you know? So this cell phone was found on the table on Christmas morning. There's nothing on the phone - it's completely wiped. Both Riho and I see the phone as the thug's message: "we know who you are and can get to you anytime." She's really scared, but we say we'll protect her.

So Suzuki comes up and asks what's going on with Riho and why she's so off lately. For some reason I know that Zukki was the "friend" who was with her and I don't really say anything because maybe the thugs don't recognize her yet.

That's pretty much it.
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