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 This is partly why homework takes a bit longer than it should. I'm not always a "just the facts ma'am" type.

Post question:

The Teddy Bear Child Care Company operates a day-care facility. The variable cost of operations is $200 per child permonth. The fixed Costs amount to $3,200 per month. Teddy Bear charges $600 per child per month for theirservices. Although the Teddy Bear Company has the capacity to handle 32 children; the current number of childrenserved is only 10.

The manager has operated the business out of her checkbook with few other accounting records. Now she isdesperate for some information.   What is the Teddy Bear Company’s current monthly profit? What will their monthlyprofits be if they lose 2 students? The manager believes that if may be possible to double their students from thecurrent level of 10 students to 20 students. To achieve this increase in volume the manager will need to spend anadditional $500 in fixed cost promotional activities each month.
Prepare a report to the manager responding to each of her questions. Use cost volume profit concepts in developingyour response.
My response:

Post Title: Can Child Care = Profit?

 To one's sanity: no, but that is irrelevant.


Variable Costs = $200 per child (costs increase $200 for each child)

Fixed Costs = $3200 per month

Selling Price = $600 per child per month

# of Products (Children) = 10

Use the Breakeven Analylsis equation first to see if the comapny is even making a profit.

Sales Revenue - Variable Costs - Fixed Costs = Operating Income

$6000 - $2000 - $3200 = $800

$800 profit on 10 students. Neat, but $800 per month could hardly pay the manager's personal, non-business bills in any state.



What happens if the parents of 2 students don't like what's going on at Teddy Bear Child Care Company, remove their children , and enroll them at rival Teddy Ruxpin Kiddie Kare?




Variable Costs = $200 per child (costs increase $200 for each child)

Fixed Costs = $3200 per month

Selling Price = $600 per child per month

# of Products (Children) = 8

$4800 - $1600 - $3200 = 0

8 students is the Breakeven point. The point at which there is no Net Income or Net Loss. 




Fortunately for Manager, she thinks she can double the number of current students by spending only $500 per month on advertising.

To calculate an increase the profit, an extra $500 in fixed costs is spent.




Variable Costs = $200 per child (costs increase $200 for each child)

Fixed Costs = $3700 per month

Selling Price = $600 per child per month

# of Products (Children) = 20



$12000 - $4000 - $3700 = $4300

$4300 profit on 20 students. That's a $3500 profit increase with only a $500 expense increase.

Much better profit and a good investment for only an extra $500 per month.

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 I haven't timed it yet, but this is pretty close to what my "Your Body Speaks" Toastmasters speech is going to be.

     I have one true fear. One that paralyzes me to the point of tears. It’s a fear my friends and family don’t understand. I absolutely fear anything touching my eyes. Yes, it’s a pretty silly fear. Yeah, your eyes don’t really feel it when you touch them, but I know they’re being touched and I don’t like it. Because I know it’s a pretty silly, bottom of the totem pole kind of fear, and because I want to overcome this fear, I’m going to tell you the ridiculous story of my first – and only - experience with contacts.
When I was 12 I asked my mom “Next time I go to the eye doctor, can I get contacts? Glasses are pretty annoying and they get dirty. OH! I want colored contacts! I want my eyes to be gray! That way when I look at people…….it’ll be kinda creepy.” And all she said was “We’ll see.” Even now I think that answer is so mom-ish. 
The next time I went to the eye doctor, I was deemed “mature” enough to get contacts. I was 12; of course I was mature enough. Geez. I went through the whole spiel, 
     “Better 1? Better 2? Better 1? Better 2?”
     “Okay. Better 2? Better 3? Better 2? Or are they pretty close? 
     “Yeah...they’re pretty close”
     “Good. Better 2? Better 4? Better 3?”
Once that ordeal was over I was ready for the awesomeness that I thought was contacts. The contacts guy, Hal, took me and my mom into the back room. I sat down and wait for the contacts. But first, my eyes needed measured. 
     “I’m going to put this up to your eyes and measure the.”
(Mmhmms and dial noises)
     “Okay. I’ll be right back with your contacts.”
     At this point, I’m still excited so I sat calmly in the chair oblivious to the true horror that was about to come. Hal comes back a couple minutes later with white contacts case containing a right contact lens. “I’m only going to put the right contact in so you can see how it looks and feels with a contact in.”
     “Sure! …wait a second. You’re going to put it in? Why don’t I get to put it in?”
     “It’s better the first time if I put it in and take it out. That way you’ll do it correctly in the future. Now tilt your head all the way back so I drop the contact in.”
     “O…kay…” By this time, I was skeptical. I mean, I was 12. Like I needed another reason to think adults hated me. But I figured ‘Hey, he’s the contact guy. He knows what he’s doing. He’s a professional. (tilt head back, put finger above eye and Jaws theme toward my eye) Every time he got too close I scooted down further in my chair. Pretty soon, I couldn’t scoot any lower. And that was when went in for the kill. With the contact on his right forefinger he held open my eye with his left thumb and index finger and popped that sucker right in my eye. I thought I was going to die. And then the feeling passed and it was actually kind of neat. Hal left me alone with mom for a couple minutes to get used to the contact. 
(Left eye/right eye squint ‘Super clear…super fuzzy….super clear…..super fuzzy) “It was actually pretty neat. But there was no way I could go through that kind of gut wrenching fear every day so I decided against contacts. Then Hal came back in.”
     “So what do you think?”
     “Uh-uh. I don’t want them.”
     “That’s fine. We just need to get that contact back out so just tilt your head back and I’ll-“
     “You are not putting your finger in my eye again.”
     “Sarah Lynn, stop it. It doesn’t hurt. Just tilt your head back so Hal can get the contact out.”
     (starting to cry) “No I don’t want to.” At this point I’m starting to think they’re going to hold me down and take the contact by force and what happens if they miss and take my whole eye out, too! All I can say is I’m really glad Hal has daughters. If there’s anything a dad hates, it’s seeing girls around his daughters’ age crying.
     “It’s okay; I don’t need to get the contact out myself. Just lean forward and cry the contact out.”  
     I do better than that. I slide from the chair onto the floor on my hands and knees and continue to bawl. (pop) I couldn’t believe it. The contact actually came out. We left Spec Shoppe that day, me: a teary mess; my mom: pretty annoyed. And so the score continues to this day: Sarah 0, Contacts 1.
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 Finding a Realtor: 

We used a buyer's agent. They get paid a percent of the sale price of the house instead of us paying them a fee. We went with Deeb Realty (don't know if they exist in Eastern IA) because the house we were thinking of buying was listed through them. We ended up going with a different house, ultimately.

Finding a lender: 

This was the dumb assest annoying part. Because we were only in our mid-20s, no one took us seriously. We communicated with US Bank (who never got back to us), Wells Fargo (who never got back to us), and the company that shared an office with Deeb (who were dumb and I'll get to that). We went with Mutual of Omaha Bank because I work for the Insurance side and they couldn't ignore someone who was less than a block's walk away 40 hours a week. 

The lender issue:

The dumb ass lender said "yes, we'll finance you for houses that cost up to $X using the amount of money you currently have saved." Later when we show interest in a house "you can't even look at this house because you can't afford it." "But it's $X or under." "Too bad." So in short, make sure you have at least 3.5% of the purchase price already saved in case a lender is a dickface. MoO Bank just wanted the money when we signed the closing paperwork so they were much better to work with. Within 6 months of closing our loan was sold to Bank of America so it's not like it mattered anyway.

What do I wish I was told & random tips:
  • When you're shopping under a specific price point, you might have to go above it. The house we bought was a little more expensive than we were originally looking for, but it turns out it wasn't actually out of our reach as far as down payment and monthly payments. It's only more than our apartment because we're paying extra toward the principal every month.
  • Get a house government approved by Housing and Urban Development (HUD). They only require a 3-3.5% down payment and because it's gov't subsidized, the inspection process is more aggressive. They won't allow you to buy an unsafe broken piece of shit.
  • It takes a long time to find a house you'll like. It took us 3 months and the house we're in was actually the last one we were going to look at for a while. We were going to quit after this because of house hunter fatigue (I'm sure it's a real fake condition ;) )
  • Get a good home inspector. Ask for recommendations from your Realtor.
  • There are a couple sites that have crime reports by neighborhood. I got those from Steph and I can't remember what they are. They're VERY useful. You do not want to live at 33rd & Shot In The Face. For sure, one is SpotCrime
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So you know how you dream more than once in a night and usually they're different dreams? Oh, well you do. Now you know.

SO! The first dream I had tied in with me trying to figure out how to port forward my router. I looked up directions on port forwarding yesterday (so I can remote into my computer from my phone) and was going to start messing around with it - randomly plug numbers into the port forwarding list - but I didn't know the username and the password was so far away in the game room on Jake's computer. So instead I just left it for another day. In the dream, Nick came over (not NY Nick, Nick of Nick & Dan) and explained the 1 or 2 things I had questions on and I figured out how to do it myself. Damn neat!

The second dream was about the compensation email I sent my supervisor last week. I have a one-on-one with her this coming week and she sent the meeting notification with the meeting place as my cube unless I wanted a meeting room and if so, she'd arrange for one. So I emailed her and said that I planned on bringing up compensation to ensure my additional responsibilities matched my compensation. I ran into her as she was walking out of the bathroom and said that she's pretty sure that she's not allowed to talk about what's going on with that until it's more finalized, but "[my] extra work is not going unnoticed." So yay. Now for the dream followup. I'm at work and for some reason we're in the Dome (under the building, basically between Dodge & the building) and the department is announcing promotions and pay increases and stuff. Which they actually don't do. So it's announced that with my technology background, I'll be working with Nintendo on a food & fitness activity program in the Dome (which is where the cafeteria is). I work in the finance division...the Wii is apparently financey.

Afterwards, our regular group of people plus some extras (I think it was everyone who was here on New Years) went out  to eat. The place we wanted to go had a huge wait or wasn't open or something. So we went to the place next door which had big tables with huge booths, and the walls were pretty much plastered with mirrors. The tables were super shiny so everything reflected. It was a surf and turf kind of place. I had steak and crab. 
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 For some reason Jessica, Rip, and I were sneaking around a gangster family's house while they were out or were busy. We're looking for some kind of incriminating evidence of thug-like activity. They come home and we're running from room to room trying to find a room that has a window or door that leads outside that doesn't have an alarm on it or isn't locked. After much crouching behind tall plants and staying one step ahead of their progression through the house, we finally make it to a bedroom where if we take off fast we can make it through the wall.

So Rip gets out what seem to be 20 hexagonal shaped fireworks, the kind that emit showers of gold sparks, configures them in tiered rows, and buries them angled then covers it up with white cloth. Because the "carpet" in the bedroom is dirt and grass. What's supposed to happen is when you light one firework, they're rigged so they all go off and will propel you through the wall (or something). It doesn't work, though. Rip's not happy because he'd either done this before or seen it done. 

By this time the thugs know there're intruders and they suspect someone is trying to sabotage the wedding of the thug daughter (in whose room we hide). So Rip, who apparently works for them, leaves to look for us. I light the fireworks manually to make sure they're not duds. They're not so I turn them face down again in hopes of being propelled through the wall. No dice. 

At this point Jessica & I notice there's an apartment style window (side sliding, not top/bottom sliding) with no screen. Escape! Rip is "searching" outside the window. I open it and ask if it's ok to go out & run away. He says there's too much activity out there and he'll signal when it's okay. By this time the thugs have done a room by room search and it's this room's turn. We hide between the bed & the wall and squeeze under the bed as much as possible. The bed mostly touches the ground so the thugs just come in the room, look around, and bend over the bed to notice how close to the wall it is. They put an "all clean" sticker on the bed to designate that it's been searched. 

Rip says it's time to go so we climb through the window and run away through holes in people's fences and bushes and all sorts of sneaking. Yay! Escape!

So then the dream shifts to a few months later. I'm on the police force or a detective apprentice something. For some reason Morning Musume is around, too. Riho comes into our outdoor office with a 5+ year old cell phone. She tells us a story about how she & a friend of hers went into a thug's house (the same thug we had issues with) and sabotaged something. Unfortunately, the thug saw her and her friend. It was years ago so she thought the thug wouldn't be able to recognize her. A person changes a lot between 10 and 14, you know? So this cell phone was found on the table on Christmas morning. There's nothing on the phone - it's completely wiped. Both Riho and I see the phone as the thug's message: "we know who you are and can get to you anytime." She's really scared, but we say we'll protect her.

So Suzuki comes up and asks what's going on with Riho and why she's so off lately. For some reason I know that Zukki was the "friend" who was with her and I don't really say anything because maybe the thugs don't recognize her yet.

That's pretty much it.
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 Yup. Weird. So among my other dreams - there were a lot since I slept for 14 hours - was a weird Alice in Wonderland cast in birds. So some people I mostly don't remember and I were running around trying to find our way out of or to somewhere else. I'm pretty sure this was Left for Dead inspired since I've been playing it a lot recently.

The one person besides me that I remember was in my group was a Native American guy who could see the future... something like that. So we're hiding in a house that seemed like the whole wall was made of glass except the wood door. The Native American guy says to me that sometime in the future I'll meet a man with a dog on the road. Do not make friends with the dog. So I'm like ... okay, no problem. Then through the dog door in the wooden door some dogs start to enter the room. One's an ugly white, balding medium sized dog. The NA guy stands next to me and says "you should get those dogs out of here." I'm all "Is one of these the dog?" He just nods so I hustle all the dogs out. 

Then in the clearing outside the door (but it's a glass wall so I can see everything outside anyway) come a procession of bird/human creatures who are the embodiment of Alice in Wonderland characters. I ask what's going on and why they're walking around in a big circle all tottering around. Someone on the team says that the Red Queen is leading a procession to find who ____? (I assume who ate her tarts or something, but I can't remember). So I start to panic a bit because I was the one who did whatever she's not happy about. I look out and see the Mad Hatter bird - looking like a 7 foot tall bright green, red, and yellow parrot bird man - pulling a slightly shorter birdman by a noose around his neck. The Hatter was dragging other birdman until he was dead then just drug him around. 

The NA guy said that he had to go report to the Red Queen. The rest of us stayed in the room. After a short talk, the NA guy said loudly "so you know who ___?" I took that as cue and ran away. There wasn't anywhere to hide in the house; all the other doors were locked. So I went into the only other room available: a completely white room with chairs stacked up in a corner. I climbed on top of the chairs and sat on the top one, hoping no one would look up. Then there was a knock at the door. I said "who is it?" And through the wall (without opening the door or anything) walks in a traditional French style clown with straight shoulder length blonde hair wearing black and white striped clothes. I was shocked and asked who she was. She said in a high creepy voice "I'm the Inside Outside Girl!" 

THANKFULLY! This was the point where I woke up because Jake came to bed. I have no idea what the Inside Outside Girl would or could do, but she was creepy as hell and I was getting kinda scared.
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Brandy Slush

1 12 oz can OJ concentrate
1 12 oz can lemonade concentrate
1 c sugar
4 tea bags steeped in 2 c water
5 c water
3 c brandy
lemon-lime pop

Heat the 5 c water enough so the 2 cans of concentrate & the cup of sugar dissolve. Let that cool a little then stir in the brandy and tea water. Pour into a big container and freeze (preferably 2 nights). Make sure to stir the slush well (or throughout the freezing process) so the liquor isn't all at the bottom. To serve, fill your preferred glass 1/2 to 3/4 full of slush and top the rest of the way with lemon-lime pop (Sprite, 7up, etc)

Tom Collins Slush

2 12 oz cans lemonade concentrate
3 c gin
6 c water
lemon-lime pop or cherry 7up

Heat the water until it's warm enough to dissolve the lemonade. Let it cool then add the gin. Freeze. When serving, fill the cup 1/2 to 3/4 full of slush, add a few drops of bitters and top with lemon-lime pop.

Holiday Spice Slush (untested)

1 12 oz can apple juice concentrate
1 12 oz can OJ concentrate
1 c sugar (optional)
2 c water prepared with chai spiced tea or cider spice
3 c spiced rum
5 c water
lemon-lime pop or ginger ale

Heat the 5 c water until the 2 cans of concentrate and sugar dissolve. Let it cool then add the tea or spice water and rum. Freeze. Fill the cup 1/2 to 3/4 full of slush and top with the pop.
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 The stuff you need:

Cornbread (use the recipe on the bag/box of corn meal
Sage (to taste)
Poultry Seasoning (to taste)
2 cans Cream of (something) soup - chicken, mushroom, onion, celery
1 onion diced
Some celery diced
A few slices of regular white bread torn into cubes/chunks
3-4 raw eggs, beaten
3-4 hard boiled eggs cut to bits
Turkey drippings (a bonus ingredient, not necessary)

What you do:

- Make the cornbread. It doesn't need to dry out or anything so you can make it right before you make the dressing.
- Sautee the onion & celery
- When the cornbread is done, dump it into a baking dish that's big enough to hold all of the above ingredients. Smoosh up or cut the cornbread into cubes. Add everything else listed above and combine. 
- Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, until the dressing is hot and the egg is no longer raw.
- Eat, ya fools!
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 It was district large group at LC (but it wasn't LC, you know). We had a sleep-over with all the speech kids. LC has lots of escalators that don't actually go all the way to the floor. 

So for some reason we had to use Cobalt 60 to irradiate things for speech - I really don't know why. So Hans and I are flashing things with a bunch of rads and when we get done, Megan's all "wash your hands!" lol Like washing our hands is effective if we'd been working with radiation to sterilize things. So we wash our hands - for some reason Megan didn't have to. Though it seemed like she was a hologram that showed up wherever she needed to. (For those who have seen Trinity Blood, she was kind of like Sister Kate). Washing our hands made us completely drenched and we slid around everywhere. So we had to go from the top floor science washing area to the first floor and taking the escalators we slid around and kept nearly falling off each floor. So I'm trying to take a down escalator, but since they drop you off a good piece off the next floor, I'm super wet and trying to hold on to the moving handrail so I don't get thrown off the edge.

Then I woke up. WEIRD!
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 Ra'if Saaed is a 6th generation Warrior Assamite with a Fanatic nauture and Judge demeanor. He fronted as Henry's bodyguard while masterminding a swift route to Gehenna.

Ra'if was embraced in 1528 in preparation for the siege on Vienna with the Tzimisce. He got lucky and stumbled across a sleeping elder of clan Toreador. Unfortunately for Ra'if, the Toreador never completely left his mind after the diablerie. The Toreador, Marichi, was in a Gehenna cult with a focus on Lilith and now uses Ra'if to continue her studies. Marichi has been in Ra'if's mind so long that he doesn't know where he ends and Marichi begins. Marichi is in charge more than Ra'if. Marichi makes an effort to subtly guide others into finding information about Gehenna so as to not appear too interested. She uses Ra'if's contacts in the Black Hand to the fullest extent.

Marichi had 2 retainer ghouls that are unknown to Ra'if.
1: 100 year old servant
2: 10 year old techie/ pop culture ghoul. When the "current events" ghoul becomes outdated, she makes a new one and kills the old one.

Merits & Flaws

Catlike balance
Light Sleeper
Dark Secret: The diablerie gone wrong and Marichi in his head.
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 True Brujah Henry Colchester, legitimate believer in and member of a prominent Gehenna cult. Eighth generation vampire with a Visionary nature and demeanor of a pedagogue. 

Henry was a trader in the East India Company. He was embraced while attempting to set up additional trade-posts between Britain and India. He attracted the attention of his sire, Balthazar, while he was in Tyre, Lebanon. Balthazar was impressed with how far Henry would go to ensure a profitable or beneficial deal. When Henry met opposition, he would go to great lengths to find something damaging about the trader for blackmail or would find enemies of the trader to make threats. Balthazar followed Henry to India where he was embraced in 1858. It was assumed Henry perished as a human in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. A chance meeting with John Danvers' Serpant of the Light brother, William Danvers, led to an interest and "profession" of sorts as a Noddist researcher. Henry was devoted to learning more about Gehenna and the Book of Nod until Ra'if Saaed convinced him that it would be more beneficial to use the knowledge contained in the Book of Nod to cause Gehenna to weed out the humans, vampires, and other denizens of the world of darkness who were unfit.

Merits & Flaws

Time Sense
Eidetic Memory
Natural Linguist
Bad Sight (legitimately needs the glasses he wears)
Nightmares: Henry dreams that he's buried underground and can't escape
Prey Exclusion: Henry's human research assistants
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 Since Holly is now "Sir Not Appearing in This Game," she gets her background tacked up for all to see.

Holly Golightly, Gehenna and Noddist lore researcher, Camarilla member. Eleventh generation with the nature Architect and demeanor Celebrant.

Her real name is Donna Johnson and she was embraced in 1975. She took the fictional name Holly Golightly from Truman Capote's novel, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Like the character in the novella, she wanted no connection to her former life. Holly's sire, Victor Robbins, introduced her into the Gehenna cult after 15 years of unlife. Though the cult, she and Victor were unaware of the plan to move Camarilla vampires into cities where Antidiluvians are known to rest. Her role in the cult is strictly research, not planning.

Holly's Toreador flaw trigger: artfully/elegantly/well-done research

Merits & Flaws
- Acute Sense: hearing
- Eidetic Memory: photographic memory
- Dark Secret: in a Gehenna cult (from the point of view of a Camarilla vampire)
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I woke up too early, tooled around, messed on my phone then went back to sleep. I was cold so I wasn't sleeping very deeply yet. I think that's why I was able to notice that I was dreaming and change it.
* I would fall asleep and dream something
- one of them was being in a vast area of water with jungle trees behind us and a Zanarkand type city in the distance to the front and left side with the the main Mythbusters while they did some myth or other -
* and then notice that it was a dream
- in the Mythbusters dream, I looked into the distance and saw that the buildings of the far-off city were hopping up and down and otherwise dancing -
* and I would change it to what I wanted to dream about by digging my fingers into the scenery in front of me (as if I were tearing through a painted backdrop) and pulling a hole in the dream. It was super neat.

This happened 3 or 4 times this morning. After I stepped through the hole and into the new dream that I was creating, it took a few minutes in dream time (I don't know how long in real time obviously) for the scenery to solidify. I had to concentrate on everything like I was creating a new world. If I didn't imagine a real person strongly enough they turned up as a cartoon and later, once the dream got moving, they changed into a real person.

The holes in the dreams were very much like I'd pulled open an empty room or storage closet. Open empty cardboard boxes were on the other side of one hole that I remember. Plain old blackness behind the other that I remember.

If I fell asleep too soundly I forgot that I was dreaming and wasn't in control anymore. I think that's why I had to tear so many holes and start over.

It was really fun to create my own dream world. Try it. When you notice something that you know shouldn't happen (in the Mythbusters dream, I first noticed that I was with the Mythbusters) then I looked around for confirmation that it was a dream (and noticed the dancing buildings). I don't know if it's easier to do if you go to sleep telling yourself that you want to notice something. I do know that when I made the hole and stepped through it I had to kind of will myself to stay asleep, probably because I knew it was a dream. In another one of the dreams, I noticed I was doing stuff on my old phone and as much as I was on & messing with my new phone during our trip I knew I had no reason to be on the old phone.
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I like NPC character creation a lot so I thought I'd share the little back stories I create for my paper/dice NPCs when I'm sure I won't be using them in game anymore. (read: When they die)

First up is Lasombra Hilary Desmarais, Sabbat Bishop of Quebec. She is 6 steps from Caine (seventh generation) with the Nature Conniver and Demeanor Director.

Hilary originally hails from France. She was embraced in 1841 in Italy by Dianora Moretti while on holiday. She was sent to the powerful American Sabbat city of Montreal after Milan was taken by the Camarilla. At the time, Montreal had many extremely powerful Sabbat vampires and she didn't see a future for herself there. After all, it's hard to stand out among those who stand out and Hilary's ambitions wouldn't allow her to remain in a city where she wasn't seen as one of the most powerful. In 2005 Hilary decided to take over Quebec. From Montreal she sabotaged the plans and actions of the current Bishop, Drake Montague. Once she made him look incompetent, she stormed into the city and invoked the Rite of Monomancy. She shadowstepped with Drake into the abyss and left the Bishop there. Hilary took over the position of Bishop in Quebec and she and her packmates diablerized the pack of the deposed Bishop.

Merits & Flaws
- Enchanting Voice: easier to persuade and charm others
- Concentration: not affected by distractions
- Short Fuse: harder to avoid frenzy
- Infertile Vitae: can't create childer though can still vaulderie and make ghouls
- Introspection: bonus to perception versus a character with the same nature or demeanor

Useful definitions:
- Sabbat: vampire sect who believe humans are just food and that vampires shouldn't hide what they are
- Camarilla: vampire sect who believe in remaining hidden for their own protection so humans don't find out vampires exist
- Rite of Monomancy: an official challenge to become ruler of a city. much like an old west style duel.
- Shadowstep: one of the abilities in the Obtenebration discipline. Literally going into shadow.
- Diablerie: what happens when a vampire drinks all the blood of another vampire, then keeps drinking the "heart's blood" or soul
- Nature: how you really are
- Demeanor: how you act to the world
- Childer: also Childe (singular). the name for a vampire's "offspring"
- Vaulderie: a mythical kind of blood bond that only the Sabbat partake
- Ghoul: a vampire's human servant who has been given vampire blood. can also be animals.
- Obtenebration: a specific power the Lasombra clan of vampires has. manipulation of shadows.
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For some reason Jake and I had to sit in on a bunch of Japanese legal proceedings involving the use of already exiting songs being used or changed into other songs. Think Weird Al without the parody. We're supposed to help decide the verdict as 'outsiders' or something. So we're sitting in on these proceedings and they're pretty lame. The new use for the song is different enough that they don't merit law suits.

In the third case involving the use of the Tetris theme song, one of the court officials leaves me this long letter in Japanese and the only thing I get out of it is that they need my mailing address to send me something. So I'm sitting, trying to remember the kanji for watashi. I remember the first half (the part on the left) but not the katakana "mu" looking bit on the right. I get up to get my phone to translate it ('cause my phone really does have a Japanese/English;English/Japanese translation app) and Reina of Morning Musume - who apparently has been watching me try to remember the whole time - comes up and says "I'll tell you what it is for 300 yen." I think "3 bucks? No way" and I get up and say "Denwa ga ii yo." Then I actually kind of remember what it is so I go back, phoneless, to the paper and write something that's like katakana "ra" and Reina says that's close but not it. Then I write the "mu" looking bit and she nods and walks away.

I can't remember if it was before or after the watashi kanji conundrum, but the plaintiff in the Tetris case asked me to talk to him and told me that he was really counting on my vote since it meant a lot to his family. He asked me if I heard him sing during the trial. I answered that I'd heard *someone* sing but I thought it was a recording since we were seated behind the L bend in the room I couldn't see any of the proceedings, just hear them. He answered with something along the lines that I should hear it before I leave.
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The wind picked up and the sky turned dark. The clouds were thick like in a thunder storm. They swirled then made a void like the eye of a hurricane. A fierce wind came through the hole in the sky bringing the toxin from space. Earth became barren and people only lived in large cities. The wastes were outside the cities. People who got the disease from space were forced into the waste so they wouldn't infect anyone. The toxin from space isn't a disease, it's more of a radioactive substance that causes blister burns on the skin of the victim. The burns eventually caused the skin to blister off completely. As soon as a person was found to have the burn blisters they were immediately thrown out of the city to die on their own. Because everyone thought it was a disease - even though scientists said it wasn't - no one touched or went anywhere an infected person was for a certain number of "cleansing" days. Then the area was thoroughly cleaned.

There was a riot by a bunch of newly infected in the city I was in and they rushed the city gate and let back in a bunch of the infected from the waste. Most infected hang around the perimeter of the city for lack of anything else to do or anywhere to go. The waste infected ran all over the city causing the uninfected to panic and shut themselves indoors. The city became "unclean." Eventually all the infected died, their bodies littered the city. They were carted away and dumped in the waste. Eventually, all in the city died except a white haired, pale mama's boy (about 14), a scientist (40s), and me (my age). The one who incited the riot was the mama's boy because his mom was recently put out into the waste and he didn't want her to die out there alone, he at least wanted her to die in her home. He was newly infected. His burns actually healed which the scientist said was a sign that humanity was starting to adapt to the toxin from space. The scientist started to get the burns and shut himself in his lab. Before he became too infected he thoroughly cleaned it and kept himself to a stool and a worktable so he wouldn't be a bother after he died. Before he died he calculated the projected survivor rate (people who heal or people who were genetically resistant) around the world to be 267 people which he thought would be too small a number to repopulate the world.

After the scientist died, mama's boy and I left the city - since there was nothing left - to find more survivors. Then a kind of epilogue happened where our group had grown by 9 or 10 other people no older than about 30 who were survivors. For some reason we had the need for weapons and mechs. Don't know why the weapons or mechs, though.
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