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Brandy Slush

1 12 oz can OJ concentrate
1 12 oz can lemonade concentrate
1 c sugar
4 tea bags steeped in 2 c water
5 c water
3 c brandy
lemon-lime pop

Heat the 5 c water enough so the 2 cans of concentrate & the cup of sugar dissolve. Let that cool a little then stir in the brandy and tea water. Pour into a big container and freeze (preferably 2 nights). Make sure to stir the slush well (or throughout the freezing process) so the liquor isn't all at the bottom. To serve, fill your preferred glass 1/2 to 3/4 full of slush and top the rest of the way with lemon-lime pop (Sprite, 7up, etc)

Tom Collins Slush

2 12 oz cans lemonade concentrate
3 c gin
6 c water
lemon-lime pop or cherry 7up

Heat the water until it's warm enough to dissolve the lemonade. Let it cool then add the gin. Freeze. When serving, fill the cup 1/2 to 3/4 full of slush, add a few drops of bitters and top with lemon-lime pop.

Holiday Spice Slush (untested)

1 12 oz can apple juice concentrate
1 12 oz can OJ concentrate
1 c sugar (optional)
2 c water prepared with chai spiced tea or cider spice
3 c spiced rum
5 c water
lemon-lime pop or ginger ale

Heat the 5 c water until the 2 cans of concentrate and sugar dissolve. Let it cool then add the tea or spice water and rum. Freeze. Fill the cup 1/2 to 3/4 full of slush and top with the pop.
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 The stuff you need:

Cornbread (use the recipe on the bag/box of corn meal
Sage (to taste)
Poultry Seasoning (to taste)
2 cans Cream of (something) soup - chicken, mushroom, onion, celery
1 onion diced
Some celery diced
A few slices of regular white bread torn into cubes/chunks
3-4 raw eggs, beaten
3-4 hard boiled eggs cut to bits
Turkey drippings (a bonus ingredient, not necessary)

What you do:

- Make the cornbread. It doesn't need to dry out or anything so you can make it right before you make the dressing.
- Sautee the onion & celery
- When the cornbread is done, dump it into a baking dish that's big enough to hold all of the above ingredients. Smoosh up or cut the cornbread into cubes. Add everything else listed above and combine. 
- Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes, until the dressing is hot and the egg is no longer raw.
- Eat, ya fools!


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